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Our 2019 lamb crop continues to impress us.  Here is a preview of a few of our early favorites.


Ewe lamb 9006

sired by Shamus


Ewe lamb 9009

sired by Gold Rush


Ewe lamb 9016

sired by (Starvin’) Marvin


Ram lamb 9501

sired by (Starvin’) Marvin


Wether 9502

sired by Gold Rush


Ram lamb 9507

sired by (Starvin’) Marvin

Watch for our entries in these 2019 Sales:
April 25, and June 19: Russell Sheep Company Online Sales, Willoughby Sales
July 27: Center of the Nation NSIP Sale
USSA Online Sales: showstockplanet.com

We were please to sell several show lambs in 2018 that went on to be winners.
We also had a great showing at NAILE, Of the 7 Suffolks we exhibited, 6 placed in the top 4 of their classes and one went on to be a Reserve Champion.
We want our buyers to experience that same kind of success!