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“RSC Top Gun”
RSC 15094

We bred and raised a superb Suffolk stud here! He is a unique genetic package; sired by our own BMW ram mated to a RennVue ewe. He stood 2nd at NAILE. He is big and bold, a definite Alpha-male type animal. Pictured here as a 2 year-old, we continue to appreciate the growth and style of his offspring.

“(Starvin’) Marvin”
Kimm BZ2005-17204

We purchased this new bloodline from Bob Kimm’s sale in 2017. A Kimm 14015 son, he brings a strong NSIP pedigree and an outstanding phenotype into our ewe base. His lambs excel in structure, three- dimensional expression, and strong Suffolk eye-appeal.

RSC 6510

This ram was bred by Desparado to a strong RSC maternal line. He was leased out as a lamb, but we were fortunate to bring him back into our flock. He is stout from the ground up. Several of his sons and daughters have been sold as breeding and show stock. Here is a stud Suffolk to appreciate!

“Gold Rush”
RSC 7613

Here is a moderate sized, up-headed ram with an excellent pattern. He excels in hip and muscle shape. He was sired by Mint Gold Ranch 5316 and brings strong NSIP values in Carcass+/Pemd into our flock. His photo doesn’t lie and his lambs don’t disappoint.

“Curious George”
RSC 8501

We kept this RSC Top Gun offspring because he was out of one of our highest indexing NSIP ewes. However, we’ve grown to love this up-headed, extended, three dimensional ram. His first set of lambs are an impressive group. He has earned his keep!

RSC 8511

This Fat Boy Slim son is wide from the ground up with great muscularity. His pedigree goes deep and wide into Slack genetics. If his first set of lambs are any indication, he will be a stud ram to watch!

RSC 6531

We love the pedigree in this ram; RSC 15061, Roscoe, Slick Slack, Showtime… He is a well-balanced, muscular ram and produces powerful lambs with plenty of eye-appeal.

“Fat-Boy Slim”
RSC 7589

Wide as a tank, this ram is a 15061 son with Desparado on the dam side. He is a production stud with all the right attributes for making Suffolks that work.

“Gold Digger”
RSC 7640

Here is a moderate sized ram with an extra shot of muscle and bone. His sire is Mint Gold Ranch 5316. We appreciate both his genotype and phenotype.


Selected to produce Suffolk Club lambs, we love this guy for his massive bone and body width. We sold his sire and dam to Everts Suffolks, they bred and produced this guy, and we were able to purchase him back to Russell Sheep Co. He will be put to use for the 2020 lamb crop.


Slack 4342 “Sparky”

This Slack bred ram is a Firestone son. We appreciate him for his structural correctness and his pedigree offers some exciting complements to our ewe base.

14019 “Roscoe”

 This is one of the rams we saved in the 2014 lamb crop, and we are sure glad we did!  He is #9 on the NSIP Proven sire list with a Carcass+ Index of 152.8!  His genetic heritage is a unique combination of McLaughlin/Griffin, Schminke, and Slack genetics.  His dam was one of our best show ewes.  We love his width, muscularity, and dimension.  His first set of lambs proved his value!


This is a Sparky son and we sure are excited to see what he does this year for us! He is a sound, good muscled, big ribbed sheep, with tremendous bone. He is going to be a very valuable piece of our breeding program for 2017.

15066 “Tank”

He lives up to his name. If you like big centered, easy keeping, low maintenance type of sheep then this is the line for you! He is a Desperado son, has solid NSIP numbers, and did a really nice job of covering ewes as a ram lamb. Simply put, he is a productive, practical Suffolk ram.


Roscoe son here. This ram combines the best of the production and show world. We are keeping two of his ram lambs back this year. He does a great job of stamping out square hips and big tops that are backed up with EBV/performance data! He will see a lot of ewes this fall.

5316 “Badger Bob”

This is a Mint Gold Ram that we purchased at the NSIP Center of The Nation Sale. He is a smaller scaled buck, but he has great EBV/carcass values and handles with a big top. He has also produced some really nice sons, so he should be a good fit into our flock and tie our numbers into NSIP.

JCJ OW1 “Desparado”

Added just in time for the 2014 breeding season, this is a ram we really appreciate. He was purchased from Bob Kimm and provides our link to NSIP. He is the epitome of a quality production Suffolk; massive width with structural integrity. His offspring excel in spring of rib and depth of body.

Slack 3172 “Cool Cat”

This Slack ram is a powerful, complete ram! He is moderate in size, and produces vigorous, high quality lambs with a lot of eye-appeal. He has proven to be a valuable breeding piece over the last couple of seasons.


BMW was the Reserve Grand Champion Suffolk Ram at the NAILE 2011 Jr. Show. Bred and raised here at home,he is a Showtime son and is packed with Bone, Muscle, and Width. We are extremely pleased with his lambs.

Slack "9460" RR/NN

We leased this ram from Tom for our 2013 lamb crop. He is a large outilned, bold ribbed sheep that has a really good skeleton for as much power and size as he brings to the table. We added a lot of his daughters to our flock!

"Triplestack" RR/NN

This registered Suffolk ram lamb came with the purchase of the Phil Hofman flock. A son of the 2008 Grand Champion Whether Sire at Sedalia, his top handled with a massive rack and a really long loin. To compliment this he had an very deep twist with a lot of stifle expression. He also stood with great base width in between his hind legs.  He sired some excellent ram lamb prospects for us.

"Rack Attack"/ RRNN

 addition from Tom Slack was quite an impressive registered Suffolk ram. Just like his name indicates he had a huge rack with a really square loin and hip...a ton of base width with an extremely trim front end.


"Showtime" RR/NN

This was a registered Suffolk ram that we purchased from Tom Slack in 2007. He combined length and power with plenty of bone. He was terrific at producing foundation ewes, and a large portion of our ewe base traces back to him.