Welcome to Russell Sheep Company LLC


The Russell Sheep Company story started a long time ago when Diane, at age 3, was given a pair of orphan lambs. Those two ewes grew into a small flock, and a 10 year 4-H project. When Diane married grain farmer Paul, the sheep came along as well. Over the years the Russell's flock grew to 170 ewes. Then we began reducing our numbers, eventually having only eight ewes. At that time youngest son, Jeremy, was in his fifth year of 4-H, and he expressed interest in improving our genetics and increasing our numbers.

It was at that time that we purchased our first Slack ram. Our flock was Suffolk based, and our focus was to produce functional, productive sheep that excelled in carcass quality. Slack genetics helped us achieve that goal. Our flock size doubled in 2009 with the purchase of the Phil Hofman flock that was loaded with champion Slack and McLaughlin/Griffin genetics. That same year we started direct marketing meat from the flock through farmer's markets. Demand for local lamb provided the incentive to grow the flock, reaching our maximum size of 220 breeding ewes in 2018.

Direct marketing premium lamb has been a blessing and our loyal customer base has given us all the incentive we needed to work hard to provide that excellent meat product. Now, in 2022, we have decided to close the meat side of our business and focus on providing Suffolk breeding and show stock.

It is always rewarding to see the cream of the crop (lamb crop, that is) compete in the show ring. And Russell Sheep Company has excelled in that arena as well. Because we have focused on superior carcass quality and structural correctness, our lambs compete well in both market and breeding classes. The culmination of years of breeding gave us quite a thrill in 2013 as we bred and exhibited the Grand Champion Slick Shorn Ewe at the North American International Livestock Exposition. Since that time, we have consistently placed in the top five of competitive slick sheared Suffolk classes. And in 2021, we exhibited the grand champion Suffolk ram at the Indiana State Fair, and the Jr. Res. Champion at NAILE.