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Reducing our flock size has been a hard decision for us to make at Russell Sheep Co. But seeing ewes and rams head to their new homes has been heart-warming. We feel blessed to place our genetics across a wide area, on farms where we’re confident they’ll be well cared for.

Our deep appreciation and best wishes go to these recent buyers:
Ruble family, IN
Canary family, IN
Arp family, Ohio
P.Vorac, MD
Seth Hahs – IL
HK Cattle & farms – FL
Traci Bultemeier – IN
Fern Ridge Farm - OH
Shakel Suffolks – IN
Jon Tauer – MN
Heart Prairie Suffolks – WI
James Shiflett family – VA
Clay Knoll Farm – IN
Mt. Salem Suffolks – NJ
Gunnar Shank – IL
Matt Kennedy – IN
Stephen Jarman family – OH
Royer Farm Fresh – IN
Al Houchins - IN
Leroy Phipps Family - KY