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For Sale

We are pleased to offer these ram lambs for sale. Videos of each individual are available. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like us to text you the videos. For complete pedigree and production information, visit the Digital Suffolk site (available through the USSA website). We also have a group of ewe lambs for sale.

RSC 2368: DNA pending

Reg. #679862 - DOB 2/4/23 Triplett
Sired by RSC 1518 ‘Hipster’
Dam RSC 6004 was a former show ewe and in her last time lambing, she gave us a couple of great stud prospects. We are keeping the brother to this ram, but 2368 promises to have a bright future. He’s still a bit green, but has the structure, bone, and carcass quality to make a great stud

RSC 2368 RSC 2368 RSC 2368

RSC 2370: RRNN

Reg. # 679863 - DOB 2/6/23 Twin
Sired by RSC 25030 ‘Maverick’
When it comes to pedigrees, this young ram carries some of our favorite genetics from years past. We appreciate his breed character and hip structure. He should continue to grow and impress

RSC 2370 RSC 2370 RSC 2370

RSC 2371: RRNN

Reg.# 679981 - DOB 2/10/23 Twin
Sired by RSC 25004 ‘Trigger’
If you’re looking to add muscle shape to your flock, consider this guy. He is deep bodied, big ribbed, and stands on big bone. (Not to mention, big butted)

RSC 2371 RSC 2371 RSC 2371

RSC 2372: RRNN

Reg# 679982 - DOB 2/10/23 Twin
Sired by RSC 25004 ‘Trigger’
And here’s the twin to 2371. Dam RSC 00105 did a super job raising this stud pair. We sold Trigger at the recent Suffolk Event where his mass and scale turned several heads. 2372 is big hipped, level topped, deep bodied and ready to produce some awesome lambs.

RSC 2372 RSC 2372 RSC 2372

RSC 2375: 93%, DNA pending

Reg# 679976 - DOB 2/12/23 Twin
RSC 25030 ‘Maverick’
This ram is 1% from pure Suffolk status, so when bred to registered Suffolk ewes, his lambs will be purebreds. And he has great Suffolk head and legs. We appreciate his level top, big hip, and growth. His sister is a keeper, and we’re confident he’ll produce some good ones!

RSC 2375 RSC 2375

RSC 2381, RSC 2382: DNA pending

Reg# 680145, 680146 - DOB 2/18/23
Sired by RSC 25030 ‘Maverick’
We list these two together because we will want to keep one, but we don’t care which one… buyer’s choice. Here’s the thing with these two brown headed rams. If you’re fighting with dark hides in your Suffolks, try putting a brown-headed ram with pink hide on the ewes, and he’ll help clean up the hide coloration. These are thick and powerful ram lambs that might be just what you need.

RSC 2381 RSC 2381 RSC 2381 RSC 2381